Comparing Microsoft Office to Google Docs

In the never-ending fight for productivity software superiority, Google and Microsoft keep trying to outdo each other in terms of features and usability. Which one is best? Commstrader has a good comparison article that goes through and discusses how Microsoft and Google stack up in terms on a number of fronts, including core apps, storage, sharing, and collaboration.

From the article:

These days, most businesses wouldn’t bother to buy desktop software for collaboration and productivity. Instead, the cloud space is offering a more versatile and effective solution for companies who want to scale and grow their services as necessary. The only question, is what should you be using to get your collaboration jobs done?

Google Docs remains a powerful solution for companies who want to share files online, but Microsoft Office in the cloud claims to offer a range of far more flexible solutions for people who want complete workforce alignment. Let’s look at what Microsoft Office Cloud really offers.