New App Adds Voice Dictation to Office

Microsoft is always adding new apps and features to its Office suite of apps. The latest is Dictate, a voice dictation app from Microsoft Garage, an experimental development arm of the corporation. Install Dictate, and you’ll be able to speak aloud any text you’d like to enter into a field in the core Office apps.

From The Verge:

20 languages are supported for voice-to-text, and Dictate also supports “real-time text translation” for up to 60 languages. Dictate started out as a hackathon project, according to Microsoft’s blog post. In addition to blabbing out emails or a Word document, you can also speak out commands (“next line”) and punctuation when using Dictate. But with this being just a Garage app, Nuance and other companies that specialize in voice dictation software don’t have much reason to be wary yet.