It’s Now Easier to Add Contact Lists in Office

Microsoft is constantly adding small new apps and abilities to its Office 365 service. One of the newest ones comes from Nimble, a company that makes something called Smart Contacts App that, well, helps you make contact lists.

According to Biz Journals:

The app delivers instant social business insights on people and companies, creating live profiles from team and personal email messages, contact lists, calendar appointments and social engagements — without having to leave Office 365 or Outlook.

No more Googling new contacts. No more combing LinkedIn, Twitter and company websites for information about them. No more painstakingly adding all that info — name, company, titles, location, experience, education, connections or shared interests — into a spreadsheet.

Instead, Nimble finds all that stuff, enabling users to spend less time on menial research and more time on meaningful outreach directly from email messages, calendar appointments and their mobile phones.