Meet the New Microsoft Office World Champion

As you may or may not know, the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship is an annual competition Microsoft puts on to determine which teenager in all the world has the best chops when it comes to making Office documents. Think of it like the Super Bowl, but with spreadsheets instead of the gridiron. This year’s championship has ended, and for the first time ever, the prize went to an American teenager: John Dumoulin. You can read all about it on CNN.

From the article:

Dumoulin was among 150 participants from 49 countries who descended on Anaheim, California, last week for the final round. They beat out more than 560,000 candidates from 122 countries who had entered the competition.
“I wasn’t initially totally expecting to win, just because I know the competition is pretty fierce,” he told CNN. “It’s the best in the world from every country.”