Microsoft Adds ‘Read Aloud’ Feature to Office 365

If you’ve ever had a writing teacher, they probably told you to read your work aloud before you turn it in. This helps you root out things like awkward wording and missing (or repeated) words. The only problem is that nobody ever does this, meaning lots of typing mistakes make their way through to the final draft. Microsoft is here to help. The latest version of Office 365 has a new “read aloud” feature that, according to TWCN, works like this:

Office products have also been renovated. For instance, the latest update to widely used Office application – Microsoft Word enables ‘Read Aloud‘ feature. It is visible under the ‘Review’ tab and when enabled, allows a user to hear any given Word document being read out loud while each word is highlighted simultaneously. Microsoft believes, this helps immensely in improving user’s reading skills by enhancing the ability to pronounce words correctly and accurately. It also makes it is easier to recognize and correct errors as soon as they become apparent. Individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia should find this feature quite encouraging.