New Office 365 Updates Are Great for Teams

The latest round of updates for Microsoft Office are all about helping teams collaborate. For one, there’s a new collaboration feature in Excel. Another is a new feature in Teams that lets teachers view their OneNote Class Notebooks without having to open OneNote separately.

According to eWeek:

Teams, the company’s answer to Slack and other chat-based group collaboration tools, is now available to schools, allowing educators to distribute assignments, conduct class discussions and welcome guest lecturers into the classroom without having to book travel. Teachers can also now include web links to assignments and export the scores from those assignments to their school’s learning management system software.

To help schools create safer and less distracting learning environments, Microsoft has rolled out new IT controls that administrators can use to place restrictions on Teams-compatible apps from third-party providers. Administrators can elect to disable class assignments and private chat functionality to further tailor the product to their needs.