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Combined Exams with Test Banks

On Friday, October 6th, instructors will be able to combine SIMnet simulation questions and test bank questions into a single exam for 2016 content. This feature is available for any SIMnet exam, SIMnet exam template, practice exam, or practice exam template.

To create a combined SIMnet simulation and test bank exam, select Exams on the left hand menu of the Course Manager, then select Create. Ensure that your Type selection is SIMnet Exam, SIMnet Exam Template, Practice SIMnet Exam, or Practice SIMnet Exam Template. On the right select the radio button for SIMnet 2016 content.

To add SIMnet simulation questions, select the desired Textbook, Module, Exam, or Template and add the desired questions. If you are adding SIMnet simulation questions by Textbook, ensure that the SIMnet Simulation radio button is selected.

To add test bank questions, select the desired textbook and chapter, then select the Test Bank radio button. You can further refine your selection by choosing a question type from the All Question Types drop-down menu.

In a SIMnet exam, test bank questions will each appear on their own screen. Test bank questions can be attempted a single time only, even if the exam settings allow for multiple attempts on other questions.

Instructors can tell whether an exam question is a SIMnet simulation question or a test bank question in the Module Name section of the Assigned Questions box. Test bank questions will be labeled as Test Bank Questions. SIMnet simulation questions will display the specific module they were selected from.