Major Updates Heading to Office for Mac

If you use Microsoft Office on a Mac, Microsoft says a torrent of new features will soon be heading your way. New features will be heading to all the main apps in the Office suite, including heavy hitters like Word and PowerPoint, as well as Outlook and OneNote.

According to Apple Insider:

As expected, most upgrades impact users with Office 365 subscriptions, Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity solution.

Starting with Word, Office 365 subscribers will benefit from a new AutoSave feature when working with OneDrive and SharePoint files, which automatically saves documents as users work. The function is similar to other auto-save products like Google Docs, and can be deactivated in program settings.

Also new for Word is real-time collaboration and sharing. Office 365 subscribers can co-author OneDrive and SharePoint files with other users, while new options streamline the process of sharing OneDrive for Business and SharePoint files with colleagues.