Most Customers Shifting to Office 365

It’s no secret Microsoft wants its customers to use Office 365 rather than the standalone apps that come out ever couple of years. Office 365 offers customers a steady stream of new features as well as powerful online capabilities. It also lets Microsoft charge users a monthly fee, which helps keep the lights on at the company’s offices in Redmond, Washington and elsewhere.

Things seem to be going well on this front. Microsoft predicts two thirds of its Office customers will be using Office 365 by fiscal year 2019.

From ZDNet:

During Microsoft’s most recent earnings call, officials said that commercial Office 365 revenues for the first time were greater than non-subscription/perpetual Office ones.

Currently, according to Microsoft, more than half of all commercial (business) Office users are using Office 365 rather than standalone/perpetual Office. But during some point in the company’s fiscal 2019 (which kicks off on July 1, 2018), Microsoft is expecting two-thirds of its business Office customers will be using Office 365.