Microsoft to Discontinue Office Viewer Apps in 2018

If anyone relies on Microsoft’s long-in-the-tooth Office Viewer apps to, well, view Office documents, you’ll want to find a new way to access those files. Microsoft has announced it will render those apps useless come April 2018.

On the plus side, you have numerous options when it comes to viewing Office files. Free apps on Windows 10 and iOS let you view them (and edit them, in a limited way). Or you could get yourself a free OneDrive account and upload the files there to view them.

From The Inquirer:

So once again, Microsoft is making it quietly a little bit more difficult not to be on Windows 10. OK, sure, it’s not diabolical, we’re talking about retiring some 10-year-old courtesy packages that will leave a few people who don’t have Microsoft Office to make a decision.