Expect Microsoft Teams to Gain Ground in 2018

If you’re learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Office to prepare yourself for the work world, you should probably carve out some time to learn Microsoft Teams. It’s one of the many add-on apps incorporated into Microsoft Office 365, and it’s expected to become a much bigger deal in 2018 and beyond.

Basically, Microsoft Teams is a group chat/collaboration platform many companies are adopting. How big is it becoming? From Computer World:

One of the major trends to emerge in the last year or so is that group chat is fast becoming the central hub of productivity.

That’s reflected in the strategy of various unified communications vendors, said Lazar. For example, Microsoft plans to phase out Skype for Business, with Teams gradually becoming its core communications tool. And RingCentral acquired Glip to make it its main client for communications.

“Where team collaboration apps used to be seen as an adjunct, now you are starting to see a lot of applications rolling into them,” said Lazar. “If I am working with my team, I am living in the team app. But if I want to share a document, I share it in the team app. If I want to open an app, I launch that – potentially even through the team app. So that becomes the digital workplace hub.”