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New Resources Features: Integrity Violation and Bulk Download

SIMnet now supports the same style of Academic Integrity Detection for Resource files as Project assignments. Academic Integrity Detection is available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access files from Microsoft Office 2013 or newer. With this feature instructors can determine if students are submitting their own file or another student’s; or if students have inserted portions of another student’s work into their own file.

To use the SIMnet Academic Integrity Detection for resource files, first upload your resource file to SIMnet from the Create option in the Resources section. Academic integrity detection is only available for Files, not Links. When assigning the resource to a course there is a new section in the Assignment Details pane for resources:

In the Assignment Preferences section, select the Enable Student Submissions check box to enable the Academic Integrity Detection options further down in the same section. Select the Enable Integrity Detection for the Start File to enable Academic Integrity Detection in your Resource file. If you would like to block students from uploading a file if they are submitting another student’s file or a file containing portions of another student’s work, leave the Allow Student Submissions with Integrity Violation check box blank. If you would like to allow students to submit a file with work that is not their own, check the Allow Student Submissions with Integrity Violation check box.

To view Resource submissions, click on Resources on the left menu and select Submissions. In the Class drop-down menu select your class. You can view all submissions from this view or further filter by the individual resource Item or by the Feedback Provided. This view now includes an additional column, Integrity Violation Status:

Files that only include the submitting students data are marked OK. Files that include data that does not belong to the student are marked with the Integrity Violation shield icon. Click on that icon to view the Academic Integrity Violation Report. This report details where the data that does not belong to the submitting student originated.

Instructors may elect to Suppress an Integrity Violation. Clicking the Suppress button in the Academic Integrity Violation Report causes the Integrity Violation icon in the Submissions section to become gray and the Integrity Violation icon in the gradebook to be removed. Suppressed integrity violations can be flagged again at any time by viewing the violation report and clicking the Flag button.

Instructors can now Download All Submissions for resource files with the click of a button. In the Submissions view of the Resources section, select the desired class. In the top right corner of the Results section click the Download All Submissions button to download all of the submissions in the current view, including any applied Item or Feedback filters.

The Bulk Download window guides instructors through downloading currently submitted resource files. To view each file organized in subfolders according to assignment and then student, select the Nested (with folders) radio button and click Download Submissions. Files downloaded in this manner are named according to their attempt number, student ID, student name, and submission name.

To view each file all in a single folder, select the Flat (no folders) radio button and click Download Submissions. Files downloaded in this manner are named according to the item name, student name, student ID, attempt number and submission name.