You Can Now Comment and Collaborate on Office Files From Google Drive

If you’re stuck using a device that doesn’t have Microsoft Office but you want to collaborate on a document, you’re no longer out of luck. Just load the file into Google Drive and, thanks to a new feature, you can comment and collaborate on it. The feature also works on PDFs and images.

From VentureBeat:

Though users can already freely view Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files that are stored in Google Drive via a preview pane, to insert a comment into one of the documents you would have to convert it into a Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets file first. But from today, that is no longer the case, with users now able to comment, assign tasks, and mention coworkers directly from the Drive preview pane.

Moreover, Google said that collaborators don’t even have to be using G Suite to benefit from this new feature. If they open the Word document in Office on their own laptop, they will see all comments and can reply directly from there.