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New Feature: OLC Download from Course Manager

Instructors can now directly download Online Learning Center (OLC) files from the Course Manager without needing to view the SIMbook via SIMstudent.

To download OLC content directly from the Course Manager, open the desired SIMbook by selecting SIMbooks on the left navigation and selecting the desired SIMbook. Click the Actions drop-down menu for the desired SIMbook chapter and select Download OLC Content.

Download OLC drop-down menu option

You may select individual content types like the Instructor Manual or Let Me Try Data Files or all OLC content by checking the desired box or the Select All box. Once you have selected the desired content, click the Download Selected Files button.

OLC Download manager

Instructors can select between downloading the files Nested or Flat. Nested files will have sub-folders for each content type. Flat downloads will have files in a single folder. When you have selected the type of files you would like to download, click the Download OLC files button.

SIMnet bulk download options