How to Make Your Documents Accessible

Microsoft recently introduced an updated version of its Accessibility Checker in Office 365. When enabled, the tool monitors your document in real time to make sure it’s accessible to people of all abilities. TechRepublic has some suggestions for making your documents accessible to as many people as possible.

From TechRepublic, here are some of them:

  • Be sure to include alternative text with all visuals. This includes images, SmartArt, diagrams, embedded objects, and videos.
  • Always add meaningful hyperlink text and ScreenTips to embedded links in your document.
  • Maintain sufficient contrast for text and background colors. Don’t get carried away with fanciful color schemes and distracting backgrounds.
  • Keep it simple. Use a basic table structure and specify column header, and if necessary, row header information. As mentioned before, don’t let complicated color schemes degrade your communication.

You can read the full article here.