MyAnalytics Could Be the New Clippy

Clippy was an animated paperclip that would appear in the corner of your Word documents and intrusively try to help you use the software in any way it could. People hated the thing, so Microsoft nixed it in 2001. But with a new addition to MyAnalytics, Microsoft is having another go at using software to assist users in using Office programs.

From Quartz:

The product is an addition to MyAnalytics, existing software that allows Office 365 users to keep track of how much time they spent on email, in meetings, and working after hours. In the next few weeks, users will begin to see suggestions about how to better manage their time.

For example, the software will scan a user’s calendar and note that she doesn’t have many two-hour long blocks of unscheduled time, which Microsoft calls “focused work.” In a meeting invitation email, the user might see a line that says “Looks like you have a lot of meetings next week. Would you like to reserve some time for focused work?”

You can read the full article here.