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SIMnet Sign In Page Redesign

The SIMnet sign in page has been updated to make signing into- and signing up for- SIMnet simple. New students will be able to gain access to SIMnet and all users will access SIMnet Support more easily.

The new design divides the sign in page into three main areas. The Existing Users section, on the left, is for standard sign in for users who are registered and have the codes that they need.

The New Users section has been created to make it clearer to new users how to get access to SIMnet. This section allows users to buy codes online, register using a code purchased previously, or temporarily register using courtesy access as best fits the needs of the new user.

The Help & Support section brings the links included in the Support area below the main window and makes them more accessible to all users. This section helps new and returning users determine if their computer meets SIMnet requirements with the System Requirements link. The Technical Support option links SIMnet users with support personnel while the SIMnet Instant Help option allows users to search through an array of SIMnet topics.

SIMnet sign in page