What to Expect from Office 2019

Office 2019 will be here before long, which begs the question: What kinds of features, updates, and changes can users expect from the next edition of the software? The Spectrum has published a full rundown on everything we know so far about Microsoft Office 2019. It covers the likely new feature, including Word’s dark theme and Excel’s funnel charts and 2D maps, plus the differences between Office 2019 and Office 365.

From the article:

Again, it is tough to speculate exactly what we should anticipate seeing in the new Office 2019, especially when features in preview or beta mode do not always end up in the final product. But, Microsoft has teased users’ interests with a few interesting features.

1. Word 2019 is focusing on “Getting work done easier,” and new features include: Black theme, Office sounds, Learning tools captions and audio descriptions, Text to speech, Improved inking functionality, and Accessibility improvements.

2. Excel 2019 is focusing on “Performing better data analysis,” and new features include: Funnel charts and 2D maps, New Excel functions and connectors, Publish Excel to PowerBI, PowerPivot enhancements, and PowerQuery enhancements.

Read the full article on The Spectrum.