Instructors / New Features

Streamlined Resource Review

Instructors can now review, grade, provide feedback for, and upload a response file to a student submission in a single step.

To review resource submissions, navigate to the Submissions section of the Resources menu option on the left hand navigation. Submissions are organized by course and section. They can then be filtered by assignment using the Item drop-down menu and by feedback status in the Feedback Provided drop-down menu.

To grade a student submission and provide feedback, click the Actions drop-down menu for the desired student submission and click Grade Submission to bring up the Grade Submission and Provide Feedback window.

From this screen instructors can download the desired file by clicking the Submission link; grade the file by filling in the Gradebook Grade blank; provide feedback in the Feedback Comment blank; and upload a feedback file using Choose File button in the Feedback File section. Click Save All Changes to complete the window.

Submission grades automatically apply to all attempts made by a student for that assignment.