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NEW Enhanced Student Section; Left Navigation; Resource Submission

New Details in Student View

The Students view in the Course Manager has been updated to include more data at a glance. New columns include:

  • Paired, which denotes whether or not a student has been paired to your school’s LMS
  • Type, to easily note the type of access each student has, including Full, Courtesy, Single Module, Proficiency, and Unregistered.
  • Last Name, First Name, this column is a consolidation of the Last Name and First Name columns, which were previously separated.
  • Missing Licenses, this column requires clicking the Show Missing Licenses Column at the top of the Students section. If a student is missing licenses, the column will display a link, Details, that will bring you to a page with more specific information. If the column is blank, the student is not missing any information.
  • On the Actions menu, you can now quickly break Blackboard or MH Campus pairings.

The Drop-down filter menus for each column type have also been improved to include selections in the Paired and Type filter menus for an easier exact match.

Student Details View

Streamlined Navigation

The Left-hand navigation has been enhanced to streamline navigation within the Course Manager. The Right Arrows on the edge of the Left-hand navigation allow you to expand the submenu and navigate directly to the desired location.

Previously, to view the Class Organizer, users would need to load the Manage section and then load the Organize selection once the Manage selection had loaded. Now, clicking the Manage right arrow expands the selection and allows users to click directly on the Organize selection.

Left Navigation Detail

Flagging Late Resource Submissions

Users can now tell at a glance if a Resource submission is late with the new Submitted Late column. Resource files that have been submitted late have a clock icon in the Submitted Late column.

Resource Submission Submitted Late