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NEW: Personal Assignments directly from the Edit/Assign Student page and Re-Open Exam

Personal Assignments from Student View

You can now create Personal Assignments from all your Course Assignments to any student on a single page. Each assignment for each course a student is assigned to is gathered together on the student’s Edit/Assign page, making assigning multiple assignments for one student a simple process. You can even add assignments that are not from your course on the same page.

Personal assignments can be created directly from Course Assignments in the Student’s Edit/Assign page. Search for the desired student in the Students section then select Edit/Assign from the drop-down Action menu. Navigate to the Student Assignments tab. On the left side of the Student Assignments page are all assignments in courses that student is assigned to. Filter assignments by the desired Class and Assignment Type. Select the desired course assignments in the left side and then click the Add button to add that assignment as a Personal Assignment for the student. Select the desired Assignment Preferences and click Save the same way that you would when assigning any other learning object. The Transfer student results to: box will automatically be set to the course in the Classes drop-down.

Creating Personal Assignments from the Edit/Assign Students viewEnter a caption for this image (optional)

You can also assign other learning objects from this view by selecting the Not In Class View Assignments radio button. All assignments that have currently been created will be available in this view. If the chosen assignment in this view is assigned to the course it will still be set to Transfer student results to: the assigned course by default. Otherwise the assigment will not transfer to a course and the transfer will be None.

All currently assigned Personal Assignments will be displayed on the Right side of the view. You can edit them with using the Edit button to change the assignment settings.

Re-Open Exam Attempt

Exams that have been submitted by students can now be re-opened by instructors in the gradebook. Instructors can re-open exam attempts that have been completed but are not past their End Date. To Re-Open an exam that has been ended by the user, select the student grade in the gradebook. Click the Click to load grade history button to view the grade history. Click the Re-Open Exam button to re-open the exam. This is only applicable to the most recent exam attempt. To re-open a past exam attempt, delete subsequent attempts using the Delete Attempt button and then use the Re-Open Exam feature.