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Final Transition to New Gradebook, Friday July 28th

SIMnet will complete its transition to the new gradebook on Friday, July 28th. After the 28th the old gradebook view will no longer be available to any users. The Results section on the left-hand menu will no longer display the Gradebook and Gradebook (new) options. The only option will be Gradebook which will navigate to the improved gradebook. Our post on May 18 covers … Continue reading

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Missing Cursor in 2007-2013 SIMulation – Flash Player Hardware Acceleration Bug

A Flash Player bug has begun to cause issues for some students accessing Microsoft Office 2013, 2010, or 2007 content. When using Exams, SIMpaths, Lessons, or the Let Me Try portion of SIMbooks, the cursor may become invisible, making the content difficult or impossible to complete. This error is caused by the Hardware Acceleration setting … Continue reading

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SIMnet Status Update – RESOLVED

Update December 21, 3:30 pm EST: As of 12:00 noon, December 15th the intermittent outage to SIMnet was fully resolved. We have been continuously monitoring the web site and there are no ongoing issues related to this problem. Original Post: SIMnet is fully operational, however, there continues to be intermittent slowness and the possibility for a short outage remains. … Continue reading

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SIMnet Blog Redirect Issue – RESOLVED

The blog was briefly forwarding users to another web site. Many powered sites experienced this issue. We have increased the site’s security to prevent this from occurring in the future. We do not anticipate that this had any effect on user’s computers however, a up-to-date antivirus program should reliably catch any resulting issues.​ Continue reading

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SIMnet Loading Issues – RESOLVED

Update Dec 15, 3:30 pm EST:We have switched to updating for the latest information on this issue. While students and instructors should be able to access their content as desired going forward, please check the new post for the latest information. Update Dec 14, 12:00 noon EST: The SIMnet system is up and running. It … Continue reading

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September 26th, 2016 Release Notes – Test Banks in Computer Concepts SIMnet Exam

Test Bank questions can now be assigned to SIMnet exams for the Computer Concepts module. Instructors can now create a single exam that incorporates both Test Bank questions and SIMnet Exam questions at the same time. To add Computer Concepts Test Bank questions to a SIMnet Exam: Create a new exam using the 2016 content (or … Continue reading