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Final Transition to New Gradebook, Friday July 28th

SIMnet will complete its transition to the new gradebook on Friday, July 28th. After the 28th the old gradebook view will no longer be available to any users. The Results section on the left-hand menu will no longer display the Gradebook and Gradebook (new) options. The only option will be Gradebook which will navigate to the improved gradebook. Our post on May 18 covers … Continue reading

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Missing Cursor in 2007-2013 SIMulation – Flash Player Hardware Acceleration Bug

A Flash Player bug has begun to cause issues for some students accessing Microsoft Office 2013, 2010, or 2007 content. When using Exams, SIMpaths, Lessons, or the Let Me Try portion of SIMbooks, the cursor may become invisible, making the content difficult or impossible to complete. This error is caused by the Hardware Acceleration setting … Continue reading

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Mac Users Having Difficulty Loading “Let Me Try” Simulations

A recent update to Mac’s Safari browser has caused some users difficulty when loading Let Me Try simulations. Simply changing one setting in Safari will have your browser functioning normally again. Just follow these steps. With Safari open click the application menu, labelled Safari. Select Preferences in the drop down menu. With the Preferences dialog … Continue reading

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Changes to Inserting Online Images, Audio, and Video from

Microsoft recently removed clip art from Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Instead, all online image searches will use Bing while PowerPoint will add videos from YouTube.  We are updating SIMnet to reflect the way your students interact with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The changes Microsoft made to inserting images, audio, and video are as follows: … Continue reading

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Access Simulations in Let Me Try and Exam Files Restored December 9th, 2014 at 3:00 PM EST

Over the past week and a half, we have received limited reports of users seeing a black screen when loading the Access 2013 simulation. We have found that zooming the browser to a value other than 100% was causing a problem in rendering the simulation that caused the Access 2013 module to load incorrectly. The … Continue reading