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NEW: Personal Assignments directly from the Edit/Assign Student page and Re-Open Exam

Personal Assignments from Student View You can now create Personal Assignments from all your Course Assignments to any student on a single page. Each assignment for each course a student is assigned to is gathered together on the student’s Edit/Assign page, making assigning multiple assignments for one student a simple process. You can even add … Continue reading

Instructors / New Features

Course Manager Updates: Edit Assignment-Level Preferences; Per-Hour or Per-Day Late Penalties; Customizing Assignment Titles for Lessons and Resources

SIMnet is updating several assignment preferences in the Course Manager on the morning of Friday, March 19th. These updates provide our instructors greater ability to customize their course. Editing Assignment-Level Preferences Exams in SIMnet now have a new Exam Property when creating an exam: Allow Assignment Preference Override. When selected, this preference allows instructors in … Continue reading

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NEW Information Screen and Updated Exam View

New Information Screen for Exams and Timed Projects Students will see a new information window before they take a SIMnet Exam, SIMpath Exam, Test Bank Exam, or Timed Project assignment. The information on the screen includes the Student Name, Student ID, Assignment End Date, the Length of the Assignment and other assignment details as applicable. … Continue reading

Instructors / New Features

SIMpath Personal Assignment Transfer

SIMpath Personal Assignment grades can now be automatically transferred into a student’s SIMpath grade in the course gradebook. Previously, Personal Assignment grades had to be manually adjusted by instructors upon completion. Note: Personal Assignment SIMpath Post-test grades will only transfer to the gradebook once the first Post-test attempt is complete. Any additional Post-Test attempts that … Continue reading