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NEW Completion Credentials in SIMnet

Completion Credentials are now available for all users in SIMnet. Completion credentials are badges based on completing each Let Me Try interactivity in a SIMbook. Like our newly introduced competency credentials, completion credentials are a digital certificate that students can use in their social media websites or on their resumes to demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft … Continue reading

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SIMnet for Office 365 (2019 Edition) Live Preview

SIMnet for Office 365 (2019 Edition) is nearing its full release date. SIMnet is prepared to make this transition smooth for you and your students. Starting today, instructors can preview our Office 2019 content, live, alongside all your other SIMnet content. All LIVE PREVIEW content is open for instructors preview only. This content is NOT … Continue reading

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New Feature: Project Student Learning Objective Identification

Instructors can now view the learning objective associated with each scored step in a student’s submitted project. Each scored step will show the student learning object above the step. For example, the following project shows that each scored portion of step 4 in project 1.1 comes from learning object 1.02. The learning objectives can be … Continue reading