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NEW Best Practices for 2019/365 Projects

The first time students open an Office 2019/365 project assignment, they will automatically be shown the SIMnet Project Best Practices guide. The guide contains instructions for how to complete project assignments in SIMnet, and how to use the features that are available to help students complete a project successfully.  Before students can attempt their 2019/365 … Continue reading

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NEW Streamlined 2019 Project View

The 2019 Project Assignment view has been updated to make completing Project assignments simpler. This update includes five improvements that streamline submitting your project for grading smoother and require less navigating from one page to another. Instructions are now all on the same page as the project assignment. The instructions do not need to be … Continue reading

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NEW Moving Multiple Assignments in the Class Organizer

Instructors can now select and move multiple assignments at once in the Class Organizer view. This update assists instructors in quickly organizing their courses. To use this new feature, navigate to the Organize section of the Classes menu on the left navigation of the Course Manager. Select all desired assignments or groups individually or select … Continue reading

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NEW Black Belt Credentials in SIMnet

The SIMnet Black Belt Credential is now available for Office 2016 applications. Black Belt exams targeting Office 2019 applications are forthcoming. Black Belt credentials are available for each of the 4 main applications in SIMnet: Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The Black Belt Credential is earned by completing the corresponding Black Belt Exam. Black Belt … Continue reading

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NEW Student Learning Objective Report

Instructors can now review exams to determine how well students did on each question in two new report types. The SLO Report by Objective report shows each Student Learning Objective (SLO) in an exam and calculates the Number Correct, Total Attempts and Percent Correct for each question. The SLO Report by Objective displays information about … Continue reading