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RESOLVED: Office 365 Update – Mac Word – Project Grading Issue

Update: As of February 1, 2018, this issue has been fully resolved. On January 18, 2018, Microsoft began rolling out the latest update for Mac Office 365 subscribers. This update may take as long as a week before it’s fully available to all subscribers. Unfortunately, with this update, Mac Word no longer includes information in … Continue reading

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Release Notes January 18, 2018

SIMnet has been updated to reflect Microsoft’s January 9 Office 365 Semi-Annual channel update. For more information on the update, visit our previous blog post. Microsoft updated the following features slightly with updated color or style names. Where appropriate, SIMbook learning content, simulated exam question hints, and autograded Project instructions been updated to reflect the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office 365 Update in SIMnet

Update, January 11: The release of SIMnet materials for the Office 365 Semi-Annual update will occur next week. Today, Microsoft Office 365 subscribers received the first Semi-Annual update for Office 365. The Semi-Annual change updates all Office 365 subscribers who had not previously updated their systems. What is Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 is a … Continue reading

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In Practice Excel Independent Project 5-4 Update

In Practice Excel Independent Project 5-4 was updated on Friday, October 20th. This update will require students who downloaded their instruction file and start file before that date to download a new start file and new instruction file in order to successfully complete the project. Students who downloaded their start file and instruction file after … Continue reading

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October 14th, 2016 Release Notes – Advanced Content, Integrated Projects

NEW Advanced Microsoft Office Content Newly released Advanced level content includes: A Skills Approach Word Chapter 7 In Practice Excel Chapter 6 In Practice Excel Chapter 7 All currently released Advanced level chapters are: A Skills Approach Word Chapter 6 A Skills Approach Word Chapter 7 In Practice Word Chapter 5 In Practice Excel Chapter 5 In Practice Excel Chapter 6 … Continue reading

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September 26th, 2016 Release Notes – Test Banks in Computer Concepts SIMnet Exam

Test Bank questions can now be assigned to SIMnet exams for the Computer Concepts module. Instructors can now create a single exam that incorporates both Test Bank questions and SIMnet Exam questions at the same time. To add Computer Concepts Test Bank questions to a SIMnet Exam: Create a new exam using the 2016 content (or … Continue reading