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In Practice Excel Independent Project 5-4 Update

In Practice Excel Independent Project 5-4 was updated on Friday, October 20th. This update will require students who downloaded their instruction file and start file before that date to download a new start file and new instruction file in order to successfully complete the project. Students who downloaded their start file and instruction file after … Continue reading

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October 14th, 2016 Release Notes – Advanced Content, Integrated Projects

NEW Advanced Microsoft Office Content Newly released Advanced level content includes: A Skills Approach Word Chapter 7 In Practice Excel Chapter 6 In Practice Excel Chapter 7 All currently released Advanced level chapters are: A Skills Approach Word Chapter 6 A Skills Approach Word Chapter 7 In Practice Word Chapter 5 In Practice Excel Chapter 5 In Practice Excel Chapter 6 … Continue reading

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September 26th, 2016 Release Notes – Test Banks in Computer Concepts SIMnet Exam

Test Bank questions can now be assigned to SIMnet exams for the Computer Concepts module. Instructors can now create a single exam that incorporates both Test Bank questions and SIMnet Exam questions at the same time. To add Computer Concepts Test Bank questions to a SIMnet Exam: Create a new exam using the 2016 content (or … Continue reading