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New Feature: Project Student Learning Objective Identification

Instructors can now view the learning objective associated with each scored step in a student’s submitted project. Each scored step will show the student learning object above the step. For example, the following project shows that each scored portion of step 4 in project 1.1 comes from learning object 1.02. The learning objectives can be … Continue reading

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Use the Course Manager to View Your Student’s Licenses

Use the Course Manager to View Your Student’s Licenses The beginning of the semester a hectic time for SIMnet instructors. This is especially true when a new version of Microsoft Office has been released. With the release of the SIMnet Microsoft Office 2016 product, there are more options for instructors and students than ever – … Continue reading

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Summer Housekeeping Tips

SIMnet Administrators … Did you know you can manage the SIMnet content that appears in your account? In the Course Manager, go to Settings, click Products, and then add or remove products (SIMnet for Office 2013, SIMnet for Office 2016, etc.) as needed. To control the eCommerce options available to your students, go to Settings, … Continue reading

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2016 Resource Files

SIMnet now hosts Resource files for 2016 content directly in the Library. Instructors have access to Instructor-only files, like the Instructor Manual, as well as the student files, like project data files. To access resource files for 2016 content, instructors should view the library by clicking on the SIMstudent link on the top bar of the Course Manager … Continue reading

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Decoding Project Names

The projects at the end of each SIMbook chapter are crafted carefully. They present a series of increasing challenges, that, together, help students move from acquiring new skills to perfecting them. Both A Skills Approach and the In Practice series have three levels of projects in SIMnet. Each of these types of projects have their … Continue reading